• Elephanta Caves is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is located in Gharapuri Island, an island about 12-13 km from Mumbai. Elephanta Caves are a group of caves together. In which there are many idols in 5 caves holding Lord Shiva. At the same time, the remaining two caves are dedicated to Lord Buddha. It had a very large elephant statue, so the Portuguese named it Elephanta Caves. 

    Elephanta Caves has a tall statue of Trimurti of Lord Shiva and Ardhanarishwar ji. Which is also called Gangadhar. If seen, one way to go to Elephanta Cave is through the sea from the Gateway of India.
    Then after that to reach Elephanta Caves, 3 villages have to travel and 127 stairs have to be climbed. The diameter of this cave is 4.5 miles.
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